Our global network

Argylle Group has provided aviation solutions across the world since 2005. We work with a fleet of specially modified King Air aircraft in addition to a global network of aircraft suitable for high risk environments. Argylle Group complies with EASA and FAA maintenance regulations ensuring the highest standards are maintained, regardless of the operating space.

Private Aircraft Charters

Argylle Group has the capability to arrange private aircraft for ad-hoc leisure and VIP charters for standard business travel. Seamless and efficient solutions can be provided for any type of scenario. Our global network can encompass singular charters for executives or evacuations as well as more extensive contracts, including a series of flights. Our team is comprised of highly experienced individuals who have worked for leading names in the industry. Our extensive network across private charters includes some of the most remote and volatile regions in the world.

Group Aircraft Charters

Argylle Group has extensive experience in managing group charters for a wide variety of clients including national governments, leading oil & gas and automotive companies, sports teams, construction and mining companies, travel operators, event organisers and private individuals. We are able to provide commercial aircraft for those travelling in larger groups and can create bespoke schedules for those requiring a more comprehensive solution to a smaller aircraft.

Cargo Aircraft Charters

Argylle Group has the capability to offer the most effective solutions, no matter the size or shape of your cargo. Argylle Group’s highly experienced team has managed hundreds of charter contracts from urgent operations in remote and hostile locations, to heavy and outsize cargo. We can provide a complete range of cargo aircraft, including light jets for urgent packages, smaller aircraft capable of landing on underdeveloped runways or large freighters with the ability to deliver outsize cargo.


Argylle Group is an expert in professional leasing, specialising in the provision of wet lease (ACMI) and dry lease operations in the Middle East, Europe, Americas, Africa, Asia and Asia Pacific. Our extensive network and close-knit relationships with some of the world’s leading airlines and operators enable us to offer ACMI solutions, providing immediate and effective answers for short or longer term travel needs.

Aircraft Maintenance

Argylle Group has a proven track record in the successful management of a wide variety of aircraft worldwide. These range from luxury private jets and commercial aircraft to complex cargo aircraft.


Argylle Group complies with EASA and FAA maintenance regulations ensuring the highest standards are upheld regardless of operating space. The company is also CAMO-approved. A requirement for all EU-registered aircraft, this ensures the highest level of technical representation for aircraft maintenance.

"We are committed to working closely with all our clients, so that we can provide unique solutions that exceed expectations time and time again."

CEO, Argylle Group PLC