Support Services

Argylle Group is committed to working closely with our clients. We consistently provide workable solutions that exceed expectations.

Contract management

Argylle Group has worked with a range of organisations, managing their recruitment process and administration. This includes legal services, payroll management, HR Services and the implementation of security and safety procedures. We have the experience and systems in place to find, recruit and relocate a wide range of skilled individuals from anywhere in the world. This has enabled us to place new recruits in some of the most remote or challenging global regions and help to support the multinational firms, NGOs and smaller startup organisations.


We have the ability to organise all employee Visa requirements in the most efficient time frames. Employment requirements are understood and adapted to, no matter the location. We also offer a range of legal services. These include the procurement of employee contracts based on local employment laws and specific areas of business. Our network will regularly monitor and manage all situational changes and provide personnel well-being supervision and support.



Crisis management

Argylle Group works with a range of clients to design crisis management plans. We give full consideration to business operations and structures throughout integration and provide ongoing support and consultancy where required. We assist a wide range of clients in the understanding of the vulnerabilities they may face in crisis situations and how to manage these effectively. We are fully experienced in designing crisis management plans which consider business operations and corporate structures. Our capability extends to full integration of these plans, providing ongoing support and consultancy and detailed reviews of existing crisis management plans.



Remote medical

Argylle Group can supply experienced medical teams who are capable of the onsite set-up of remote clinics. We have a proven track record of construction and full management control in some of the world’s most challenging environments. We can provide a full suite of tailored services to meet our clients’ specific requirements, which includes but is not limited to;


• Provision of a medical team experienced in onsite set-up of remote clinics

• 24/7 access to a support network and call centre operation

• Procurement of equipment and pharmaceuticals

• Coordinated transportation and journey management of patients and staff

• Insurance claim and billing management


Argylle Group has a logistics capability across Land, Air and Sea. We can offer solutions for both Personnel and Cargo which include local customs, documentation and clearance procedures worldwide. We are able to project manage an entire operation from start to finish, with a full appraisal and understanding of our clients’ needs and requirements. Our global network includes suppliers across multiple sectors and access to assets that support Sea, Air and Land logistics and evaluation. This ensures we will always source the most competitive prices on the market. We will provide full guidance and support on the suitability of our products relevant to the global area of operation, handling negotiations and door to door delivery on behalf of our clients.

"We are committed to working closely with all our clients, so that we can provide unique solutions that exceed expectations time and time again."

CEO, Argylle Group PLC